Best New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Those of you, who have to experience plantar fasciitis pain, understand how agonizing it can be. Your whole routine gets upset and you are unable to even walk properly.

You look out for the most effective treatments for your problem. An immediate remedy to alleviate your plantar fasciitis pain is to buy the right shoes that are according to your condition (flat-foot, high arches or excessive weight).

There are many brands in the market, manufacturing some of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis and competing to be at number #1.

New Balance is, without any doubt, a top gun when it comes to the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Its shoes are loved and recommended by hundreds of its loyal customers.

New Balance is a life saver for all those who had a throbbing plantar fasciitis pain. Their reputation is definitely unmatchable to those of its competitors.

What makes New Balance Popular?

There are several standout features that make New Balance popular:

  • New Balance shoes are extremely comfortable. They have sufficient amount of cushioning that keep your feet at ease at all times.
  • New Balance not only makes shoes for plantar fasciitis for athletes and professionals, rather it manufactures comfy walking shoes for people who can use them in their daily routines as well.
  • New Balance, as their name suggests, considers stability and balance of your feet. Their shoes have motion control that keeps your feet in line.
  • New Balance shoes have additional features like heel and arch support that provide extra shock absorption.

Thus, all these features combine to make New Balance’s shoes most popular amongst others.

Best New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

For your convenience, we have constructed a list of the top 8 New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis for men and women.

Top 4 New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Women

1.      New Balance Women’s WW847

New Balance WW847 is a light weight walking shoe for women that include motion control technology. It comes with Rollbar posting system that is used for greater shoe stability.

Its Walking Strike Path Ndurance rubber outsole assists you in keeping your stride balanced in various terrains. It’s synthetic and mesh upper provides greater ventilation inside the shoes.

Pros – Best for people with low-arches and over-pronation, Comfortable, Great for healing plantar fasciitis, good for all day wear

Cons – Not an attractive shoe

Overall, we recommend that you should consider buying this shoe for at least one time.New Balance WW847 might be the answer to your prayers.

2.      New Balance Women’s W1540

If plantar fasciitis is a hindrance in your love for running, then New Balance W1540 is what you need. It offers ultimate motion control and stability with its one of the kind features.

All of its best technologies including Rollbar, ACTEVA midsole, Ndurance rubber outsole and PU footbed will give your feet highest level of cushioning and support.

Pros – Alleviates plantar fasciitis pain, Comfortable, works great for running

Cons –Does not offer proper fit, previous version was much better and preferred.

3.      New Balance Women’s WW928

New Balance makes its customers amused with this walking wonder. New Balance WW928 has a stable heel base, Rollbar and walking strike path technology.

Its standout feature is the Abzorb Sbs foam layer with the N-Ergy sole which takes cushioning and shock absorption to the next level. These features combine together to give the ultimate smooth walking experience.

Pros – Heals plantar fasciitis pain, best for daily use, supportive and comfortable

Cons – Not suitable for supination, not a long-lasting shoe

4.      New Balance Women’s WX856

New Balance WX856 is a gem of a trainer shoe made for all the healthy trainers out there. It includes N-Ergy, seamless lining and Rollbar TPU technology which offers supreme shock absorption and motion control. You training workouts are made easy with the most comfortable EVA insoles.

Pros – Comfortable and reduce plantar fasciitis pain

Cons – Not a good looking shoe

Our top 4 New Balance shoes will help you in buying the right shoes for your feet. We would also like to suggest a few others that will alleviate your plantar fasciitis pain and maybe the one that you are looking for.

  • New Balance Women’s WW759
  • New Balance Women’s WW665
  • New Balance Women’s WW1765
  • New Balance Women’s WX711

Top 4 New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

1.      New Balance Men’s MR1123

New balance MR1123 is your friend when it comes to comfortable running. This shoe contains ABZORB FL midsole foam, ROLLBAR TPU posting system, ABZORB SBS, Ndurance crash pad and NLOCK technologies.

These technologies integrate together to provide highest level of cushioning, support, durability, motion control and shock absorption.

Pros – Eliminate plantar fasciitis pain, Podiatrist recommended shoes, comfortable and supportive

Cons – Not stylish

If you are looking for a smooth running experience, this is our top pick for you, you should definitely try these.

2.      New Balance Men’s 990V3

New Balance 990V3 is loved for its improved design. It comprises of ABZORB midsole and ENCA, stability enhancing and motion correcting technology systems.

They have a better breathable design with the Pigskin upper mesh. They include Dual density collar foam which provides support and cushioning.

Pros – Reduces plantar fasciitis soreness, comfortable, supportive and great for long running

Cons – Shoes have irritable smell and are not of high quality

3.      New Balance Men’s MW928

Like other New Balance shoes, New Balance MW928 has Rollbar and ABZORB midfoot technology for greater stability and cushioning.

Seamless Phantom Liner with odor-resistance and Walking Strike Path outsole are both used to offer a comfortable walk.

Pros – Heals plantar fasciitis pain, comfortable

Cons – Quality issues

4.      New Balance Men’s M1540

Finally, New Balance M1540 is the running partner of all those men out there who unfortunately suffer from plantar fasciitis. It has the same features as those of W1540.

It is a complete package offering ultimate stability, motion control and durability with the help of Rollbar technology and ACTEVA midsole.

Pros – Eliminates plantar fasciitis pain, supportive and comfortable

Cons – May not be suitable for longer hours

To end with, we hope that you will be able to find the right shoe for yourself from our top 4best New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis for men.

If not, here are a few other suggestions that might be effective;

  • New Balance Men’s MW840
  • New Balance Men’s MW577
  • New Balance Men’s MX857
  • New Balance Men’s M801

New Balance does not spend money on celebrity endorsements or advertisement campaigns like other brands rather it spends its investment in bringing innovation to its shoes.

New Balance cares about your feet and works hard to come up with the best of the best.

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